Deep Drawn, Metal Pressings

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deep drawn metal pressings

Multiforms are able to manufacture a wide range of different metal pressings which could be described as “Deep drawn”.

We would describe “Deep drawn pressings" as components where the depth measures more than one and half times its total diameter . . .

Multiforms are able process “deep drawn pressings”“ using a variety of processes including Progression or Progressive press capacity which include a range of Bruderer machines along with Transfer press technology utilizing Platarg Press machines.

Multiforms are able to produce from mid volume quantities of 500 - 75,000 pcs to 1.5 million plus components a week. 

Multiforms can also process “Deep drawn pressings”““ utilising the transfer press method of manufacturing with our state of the art Platarg press capacity.


Typical Deep Drawn Metal Pressings include ...

Ferrules  which could use within the hydraulic, Driveline applications

Valves used within domestic heating applications along with pumps and medical devices

Automotive valve applications

Pen and writing equipment

Audio equipment, high end stylus applications

Building and construction applications such as access flooring and building cladding components

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