“Keep calm and carry on”.


Who was it that said “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”? It has been interesting to hear the barrage of claims, counter claims, official figures, official figure adjustments and not to mention Euro crisis, housing crisis, the list goes on.

But steady and holding tight it would seem is the faithful but very often forgotten back bone of the UK economy and that is manufacturing.

It’s been difficult and for the last decade or so for manufacturing in the UK has been largely ignored. During the big downturn in 2008 we lost a great deal of turnover which to be fair was for some a good opportunity to remove uneconomical, unproductive work, but for others this downturn was to be catastrophic.

Those manufacturing companies that made it through the last downturn are now stronger and have had to become much leaner, fighting to become more and more competitive on a global level.

This change in UK manufacturing competitive along with the stability the UK offers. Economically, environmentally and socially has now made it a real area of activity for global purchasers. The UK has now through technical, human and well thought out investment become again competitive; the world wants again to do business with us.

One UK manufacturing group with its roots based firmly in the West Midlands is seeing this renascence, as the new social buzz word phrases it “UKMFG” is the Rical Group. Its headquarters are situated in Smethwick and offering items as diverse as metal pressings to aluminium and zinc diecastings.

Rical Multiforms, based in Cradley Heath and a key part of the Rical Group, has seen a keen upturn in interest from UK manufacturers as well companies as far afield as China and Eastern Europe showing an interest in what the Black Country firm has to offer.

Multiforms manufactures a variety of metal components serving electrical, automotive and building sectors and during August has had enquiries from more than 10 possible new customers amounting to a staggering 147 million components ranging from metal pressings to wireform components.

Sales manager Andrew Essom says: “Without doubt the reports I am hearing from customers is that the market is very volatile and globally it would appear that manufacturing as a whole is putting its faith back into UK manufacturing. So it’s up to #UKMFG to make the most of the opportunities that are available.”

Other companies within this networked manufacturing group are also reporting a strong enquiry and order book, so sometimes it just pays to just not take too much to heart regarding official statistics and keep your head down, “Keep calm and carry on”.