Multiforms sees growth in Domestic market

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Over the last 18 months the Sales and Project team at Multiforms have been working closely with one of the World's largest manufacturers of Automotive Electronic devices to produce a component with very demanding features, a component that would be able to be produced consistently and in very high volume keeping exacting tolerances, the component has been tested and developed extensively.

When design approval was given and official tooling orders placed, Multiforms were able to meet a demanding eight week lead time to produce a suite of tools able to produce circa 15 million components a year, but this time rather than competing to supply into Asia and the Far East the Cradley Heath manufacturer will be supplying this cutting edge technology directly into a UK OEM, firmly staking the claim that the UK is Competitive and is most certainly open for Business.

Cradley Heath manufacturer Multiforms, part of the larger West Midlands based Rical Group has been for many years a high volume manufacturer of complex and precision components (metal pressings, wireforms etc), this division of Rical Group has three very distinct strengths that set the company apart from its local and global competition.

Multiforms strengths include the production of precision wireforms,  used within the high volume electronics sector and producing in the region of 1.5 million components a week of one single variety alone which are exported to China, India and the Pacific regions, Bhiler and Fourslide technology again in high volume makes Multiforms leading UK manufacturer of Building Clips, electrical and automotive components , indeed the fully automated process allows the company to compete very well with overseas competition and lastly High speed progression and Transfer press capacity which enables Multiforms to produce very high volume components specifically for the Electronic/automotive and medical sectors.

For more information regarding this and any other high volume projects that might fit into the Multiforms portfolio please contact Andy Essom directly  [email protected] or

Rical Group HQ ([email protected])